Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today Laurel and I went to PawsAbilities. Unfortunately this is not the type of event that Luke would last very long at so he did not come along.

Laurel and I saw lots of people and dogs that we knew. She was very excited to see her birth mom, Mabel, and her sister, Hazel. She also saw Steele, Nokie, Brom, Scarlett, and Joplin as well as many others whose names I don't know. She saw her puppy parents and her puppy raisers as well as the SSD trainers that she knew very well. I'm happy that she got to see her 'friends'. I talked with many people that I have learned to know as well which was a good feeling. Everyone associated with SSD is so friendly!

There were many dog-related vendors there today and I picked up some equipment that I needed. First and foremost was a hands-free leash that Laurel's puppy raisers told me about. It is by far the most useful leash ever invented! I also bought a 2 foot leash for Luke to use. Normally it is not an issue when Laurel is in harness since Luke has a special handle there that he uses. But when she is not in harness, Luke has this thing about only holding onto a leash by it's handle. It doesn't work too well when there is a six foot leash between him and the dog. This new leash seems to do the trick! I also bought a dumbell to try to teach Laurel how to pick things up. Apparently she missed out on that part of the training while she was learning how to search for Luke.

It's been a busy weekend for us, but fun none the less!

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